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August/2014 Intellectual property business decisions

July/2014 Plasmonic materials and devices

June/2014 Laser Technology and Nobel Physics Awards

May/2014 Substrate techniques for III-N materials and devices

April/2014 The State of Current Economy and Investment Opportunities

March/2014 1. High efficiency silicon solar cell: background, device mechanism, and manufacturing technology 2. 藍海策略- Based on LCOS and ON SILICON

February/2014 Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser: technology and applications

January/2014 Creating Values:  The Proper Choices and Obligations

December/2013 Femtosecond Fiber lasers

November/2013 Liquid crystal on Silicon (LCOS), its history and applications

October/2013 Chinese Medicine: An Emerging Segment for High Tech

September/2013 Optical Beam Shaping

August/2013 Optical Engineering in University of Shanghai for Science & Technology From Basic to Application

July/2013 e-beam inspection – principles and applications in wafer fabrication

April/2013 Substrate-Independent Optoelectronic Devices

March/2013 SMT and Application in Photonics Industry

January/2013 How the explosion of Cloud Computing is changing the Optical Transceiver Industry

December/2012 SMT and Application in Photonics Industry

November/2012 Introduction of CTSP (中部科學工業園區)

October/2012 VESALIUS Robot- a seed for the future

September/2012 Investing in an Uncertain Market

August/2012 History and market trend for packet optical networks

July/2012 Challenges for Next Gen Optical Communication Components Beyond 100G

June/2012 The Development of the Non-Physical Contact Optical Fiber Connector

May/2012 EOA-PSC Seminar in May will be jointly held with PSC Dinner at CLEO ‘2012

April/2012 Introduction to EMC

March/2012 Nanoscale photonic engineering for solar cells and information processing

February/2012 CMOS Image Sensor in Medical Applications

January/2012 When Technology Meets Medicine

December/2011 Overview on wavelength selective switch (WSS) and its applications: the  past,  present and future

November/2011 From Tech bubble to Financial bubble. What could be next?

October/2011 100G to Tbps Communications – Challenges for Optical Components

September/2011 Group IV materials and devices for Si photonic integrated circuits

August/2011 III-V Semiconductor Business Opportunities and Outlook

July/2011 Solar project finance and solar project development

June/2011   Bring light to shine on medicine: a gastroenterologist’s view & Neuro-endoscope

May/2011   Optical Design and The Black Art of Quadratures

April/2011   Panel Discussion

March/2011   You Can Sell Yourself in Any Economy

January/2011   Liquid Crystal Displays: Technology Development and Future Prospects

December/2010   Compact fulltime low noise laser diode modules for next generation bio-medical photonics devices

November/2010   Personal Computer and Storage Technologies Overview

August/2010   High Power White LEDs for Illumination: Technologies and Applications

July/2010   Single Cell Analysis Using Flow Cytometer: Technologies and Applications

June/2010   Silicon photonics: opportunities & challenges

May/2010   中華光電學會2010年會

April/2010   Feature-Based Visualization: An Indispensable Tool for Depicting Time Evolving Flow

March/2010   Patenting for Individual Inventors and Small Companies

February/2010   The Recent Development of Taiwan Photonics Industry

January/2010   MEMS Sensor Market Outlook at Consumer Electronic Applications

December/2009   Laser Spectroscopy Technology and Biomedical Applications

November/2009   歐美日中業務版圖戰略之我见

October/2009    Hybrid Super-Hydrophobic Nano-Composites

September/2009    Fiber Optic Surface Enhanced Raman Sensor for High Sensitivity and Automatic Molecule Identification

August/2009    Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) for Digital TV, Voice, and High Speed Internet Services

July/2009    From an Entrepreneur to Venture Capitalist and From US to Asia

June/2009    High Contrast Gratings and Their Applications in Optoelectronics

May/2009    40G deployment technology update and the challenges of 10OG in electronic DSP/ASIC 

April/2009   Design Fiber Optic Communication Products using Free Space Optics and Guided Wave Optics (2) 

March/2009   Design Fiber Optic Communication Products using Free Space Optics and Guided Wave Optics (1) 

February/2009   What’s the future for the remaining optical coating companies?

December/2008   Current US and world economy, outlook for high
tech sectors for 2009

November/2008   Current US and word economy outlook for high tech sectors for 2009

October/2008   The Introduction of LCD( Liquid Crystal Display), LCOS( Liquid Crystal On Silicon), DSL( Digital Light Processing) and Other Display System

September/2008   Traditional Optics for Ultra-High speed, flexible telecommunication systems and its market potential

August/2008   Development of Automation Test Systems in the Fiber Optics Industry

July/2008   Optics in Biology and Life Science

June/2008   Making Your Assets Work for You

May/2008   Solid State Lighting

April/2008   China "C" Taiwan "C" USA, Based on Economic Development

March/2008   Vertically Integrated Fiberoptic Devices

January/2008   High Power LED Components and Light Systems

December/2007   Market Prospects in PV Solar Energy Industry

November/2007   Face recognition algorithms and their applications

October/2007   Solar Cells - Alternatives to Silicon

September/2007   Market and Technology Trend of Wireless Mobile
Applications (WiFi/WiMax)

August/2007   The history of Yahoo! and the internet industry

July/2007   Story of Laser Developments and Nobel Prizes in Physics

June/2007   OPTICAL "POWER" LINK: its principles, limitations, and applications

May/2007   Overview of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers

April/2007   The challenges of a powerful solution looking for problems

March/2007   Review of 10G transponder / transcievers and their applications

February/2007   An Overview of Tunable Ti:Sapphire Laser Technology and Applications

December/2006   LED Packaging technology for LCD Backlight Application

November/2006   ARM 9 Instruction Set Architecture – an user’s view introduction with performance perspective

October/2006    Enabling Technologies for Universal Convergence of NG Broadband Networks  

July/2006    Optical Components for the Global FTTx Market

May/2006    Analog Front End Circuits of HDTV

March/2006    FTTH and its implication to fiber optical communications

February/2006    The Technology of TFT LCD Photomask

November/2005    Nano Crystal Hybrid Emissive Display

August/2005    Image Analysis in Biology-from Green Florescent Protein to DNA Microarray

July/2005    Ultra-sensitive Compact Fiber Raman Sensor Based on Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

June/2005    From LCD to AMOLED, the overview of portable display device

May/2005    Recent Advances in Blue Light Emitting Diodes and Lasers

April/2005    External Cavity Lasers for Telecom and CATV

March/2005    Metro Optoelectronics for the coming decade:  diverse applications, and hidden opportunities

February/2005    Highlights of recent progress in GaN-based light emitting devices

January/2005    Applications of Fiber Optics for Test and Measurement

December/2004    H.264 Video Coding Standard Introduction- With Arithmetic Coding Overview

November/2004    Survey and Comparison of HDTV Display Technologies

October/2004    What lies ahead for optical components in an access oriented fiber optics market?

September/2004    My entrepeurner experience :  SDL and Pine Photonics

July/2004    Into the 21st Century: Light Emitting Diode advances into Solid State

June/2004    Transpacific Business and Career Opportunity

May/2004    Ink-jet Printing Technologies in Industrial Applications

April/2004    New Business and Career Development Opportunities

March/2004    New Business and Career Development Opportunities

February/2004    從國家型計畫看台灣未來產業趨勢

January/2004    The Technology and Business of Laser Beam Measurements at Photon

December/2003    Building a World Class Company

November/2003   Business & Career Opportunities w/ ITRI - Optoelectronics & Related

October/2003    The Advancement of High Power Semiconductor and Solid State Lasers

September/2003    How to Obtain Funding in the Right Way

August/2003     Understanding the intersection between optics and electronics is one key to understanding the future of commercial optical technology

May/2003             Optical Transceiver Industry

April/2003             Bob Lin: Wireless start-up and investment opportunities

March/2003           Dan: China Strategy for Companies and for Individuals

February/2003       EOA-PSC Annual Meeting 2003

November/2002      EOA November Seminar Announcement

Time: 10:00 am, Saturday, 11/09/02 

Title: Optical Communications: What's happened and What will happen? 

Speaker: Dr. Yan Sun

Place: Stanford University CIS Building (Center for Integrated Systems), Room 101 (Cypress auditorium)

Fee: Member free, $10 for non-member , $5 for student  


Abstract: After 40 years of development, optical fiber communication has moved from laboratory R&D to wide commercial applications. The technology innovations in recent years, including fiber amplifiers and WDM systems, provided a solid foundation for this industry. However, the economic bubble at the turn of the century brought huge damage to the industry of communication equipment. Optical communication is going through a bottom this year and will have modest recovery next year. In the long term, optical communication will see rapid growth again to meet the demand of fast growing data traffic.


Speaker Bio: Yan Sun is CTO and VP of Engineering at Onetta, Inc. Before co-founding Onetta in 2000, Dr. Yan Sun worked at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, as a senior manager.  He and his colleagues pioneered multiple fronts in the area of WDM optical communications, including ultra wide band optical amplifiers, long haul transmission at terabits levels, and DWDM system transmission with semiconductor optical amplifiers. Dr. Sun was the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Bell Labs President Gold Award from Lucent Technologies and the Innovator of the Year Trophy in Paris, France.  He is the author and co-author of more than 100 publications and presentations. Dr. Sun is a senior member of IEEE and a member of OSA, and is a Guest Professor at Tsinghua Univeristy and Southeast Jiaotong University.

Ocotober/2002      EOA Ocotober Seminar Announcement

Time: 10:00 am, Saturday, 10/12/02 

Title: Laser Driven Processing for Rapid NanoMaterials Synthesis and PLC chip Fabrication 

Speaker: Dr. Xiangxin Bi

Place: Stanford University CIS Building (Center for Integrated Systems), Room 101 (Cypress auditorium)

Fee: Member free, $10 for non-member , $5 for student  


Abstract:Is the Intelligent Broadband Optical Network is a hype or a progressive reality in the business of building the next-generation optical network? This presentation is to address the direction, requirements and challenges of developing an "efficient optical network infrastructure" from a practitioner's point of view.   The speaker will share with the audience about his testimony of critical success factors when building an optical metropolitan service in this very stormy industry. The areas such as cost, integration issues and the optical network operation and management sub-systems will be covered.


Speaker Bio: Dr. Xiangxin Bi has degrees of BS in semiconductor physics, MS in optical physics and Ph. D. in solid-state physics. He has extensive experience in nanoscale materials synthesis, characterization and application development. He studied nanoscale materials applications in post doctorate research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining the International Center for Materials Research (ICMR), USA. He is the inventor of world first commercial scale nanoscale powder production technology based on a laser driven process (NPM) and the inventor of PLC chip fabrication using Laser Reactive Deposition (LRD Processing). These two technologies are currenly being employed by two VC funded companies including NanoGram Devices and NeoPhotonics Corporation, in which Dr. Bi is a co-founder. Since the founding of the company in 1996, he has taken on the roles of Vice Presentdent, Research, Chief Scientist and Technical Strategy at the companies.

September/2002      EOA September Seminar Announcement

Time: 10:00 am, Saturday, 9/14/02 

Title: Photonics & Telecom: the Tide, the Cloud

Speaker: Xin Huang, Principle Analyst, Point East Research LLC

Place: Stanford University CIS Building (Center for Integrated Systems), Room 101 (Cypress auditorium)

Fee: Member free, $10 for non-member , $5 for student  


Abstract:This presentation is to address the dynamics inside photonics & telecom space from the Venture Capitalist point of view.


Speaker Bio: Dr. Xin is currently the Principal Analyst at Point East Research LLC, where he performs technical and strategic consulting for several leading VC firms including Pequot Capital, Fidelity Ventures, Worldview Technology Partners, JAFCO Ventures, Siemens Ventures Capital, Focused Ventures, Technology Venture Partners, St Paul Ventures and others. For the VC community, Xin provides technical validation and due diligence for emerging technologies in the optical and networking markets. Prior to joining PointEast Research, Xin worked as a Senior Analyst with Firsthand Capital Management, where he was responsible for researching and analyzing the competitive landscape of the optical networking industry. Xin conducted comprehensive due diligence in optical systems and component companies. His insight in the networking space and in-depth technical knowledge is highly regarded by many sell-side analysts and hedge fund analysts in the industry. Prior to joining Firsthand, Xin worked in various capacities within the communications industry, including entrepreneur, consultant, engineer and researcher. As a network & system consultant, he worked for INS (International Network Services Inc), Hewlett-Packard and Cisco etc. Earlier in his career, Xin worked as an optical system engineer at BNR and as a researcher in TRIO's Lightwave Communications Research Laboratory in Canada. Xin holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering (summa cum laude) and a Master of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Ottawa, Canada. He was also the recipient of two IEEE awards in his technical career. He is also the co-chairman of Smart Capital Committee of NCVCA (Northern California Venture Capital Association).




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