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EOA    Seminar Announcement

Time: 10:00 am, Saturday, 08/09/2014 


Speaker: Mr. James E. Simpson


Location: Auditorium Room 101X, CIS Building, Stanford University. Paul G. Allen Building, 420 Via Palou Mall, Stanford, CA 94305. At the intersection of "Campus Drive" and "Via Ortega"


Fee: $10 


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TopicIntellectual property business decisions




Intellectual property (IP) poses many important and challenging choices for its creators and the organizations to which they belong.  Determinations and decisions have to be made, starting shortly after the inception of an idea, regarding:  protection under various national or international laws; physical realization (usually in several forms) of the concept; the fields of use to be developed; distribution of the IP without restrictions; or alternately its commercialization, whether by the originators and their startup or by licensees; enforcement of rights against infringers; what to do after expiration of IP protection; and how to spend the (hoped for) profits made while protected, and thereafter.  These choices and how to make them will be discussed from the differing perspectives of the creators and their particular type of organizations (such as, small business, multinational corporation, or university).  The choices made are ultimately business decisions.




Mr. Simpson directed the Office of Technology Transfer at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory for over 20 years.  (SLAC is a U.S Department of Energy science laboratory managed and operated by Stanford University.)  Responsibilities there included:  intellectual property management; generation and support of technology development collaborations with industry and others; and innovation policy and program administration in accordance with national policy, law, and regulations.  Prior to SLAC, he worked as a scientist and engineer in the nuclear field for a decade, evaluating novel technology for isotope separation, laser fusion, and laser chemistry in large-scale commercial chemical processes.  He also spent time in the field directing the off-site shipment for laboratory analysis of the first internal components to be removed from the damaged Three Mile Island reactor. Mr. Simpson holds the BS (math), MS (math), and MS (physics) degrees from the University of Michigan.  Presently he consults privately on technology issues, including innovation, evaluation, strategy, partnerships, and funding.


Instruction to Cypress Room, CIS Building, Stanford University


Enter Stanford university through Palm Drive toward the Oval Building, make right turn into Campus Drive (west), follow Campus drive through 4 stop signs, turn left at the 5th stop sign into Via Ortega, pass Serra (first intersection) then Via Pueblo, park in the parking lot at right side (Free parking on Weekend). Walk back passing Via Pueblo to Serra and turn right into Serra. The CIS building is at your right side on Serra. Walk to the short stone steps up. The Cypress room of the CIS building is at you right side. (At the intersection of "Campus Drive" and "Via Ortega"

Longitude: -122.174742, latitude: 37.429971)








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