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EOA    Seminar Announcement

Time: 10:00 am, Saturday, 09/13/2014 


Speaker: Dr. Yanzhao Li (李延钊 博士)


Location: Auditorium Room 101X, CIS Building, Stanford University. Paul G. Allen Building, 420 Via Palou Mall, Stanford, CA 94305. At the intersection of "Campus Drive" and "Via Ortega"


Fee: $10 


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TopicDevelopment Trend of AMOLED Technologies




Flat panel display is one of the largest opto-electronic device markets. A strong market rising of AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) leads the new growth of display industry. In this talk, I will first focus on the market trend of AMOLED. Then, the technology strategy of AMOLED will be described in detail. At the end, the activities about AMOLED at BOE will be briefly discussed.




Dr. Yanzhao Li is Senior Researcher in the CTO organization at BOE Co. Ltd, which is the 4th largest flat panel display manufacture worldwide. He is in charge of large-scale AMOLED institute, which is focus on small and large oxide-TFT AMOLED mass production project and advance new materials projects. Previously, Dr. Li also research and development in Si-based OLED, PLED, Si LD, and nano-scale materials. Dr. Li holds the bachelor degree in physics from Jilin University at 2004, and Ph.D. degree in physics from Peking University at 2010.  


Instruction to Cypress Room, CIS Building, Stanford University


Enter Stanford university through Palm Drive toward the Oval Building, make right turn into Campus Drive (west), follow Campus drive through 4 stop signs, turn left at the 5th stop sign into Via Ortega, pass Serra (first intersection) then Via Pueblo, park in the parking lot at right side (Free parking on Weekend). Walk back passing Via Pueblo to Serra and turn right into Serra. The CIS building is at your right side on Serra. Walk to the short stone steps up. The Cypress room of the CIS building is at you right side. (At the intersection of "Campus Drive" and "Via Ortega"

Longitude: -122.174742, latitude: 37.429971)








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