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EOA    Seminar Announcement

Time: 10:00 am, Saturday, 04/12/2014 


Speaker: Ms. Joy Y Wang


Location: Cypress Room, CIS Building, Stanford University

Fee: $10 


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TopicThe State of Current Economy and Investment Opportunities




The speech first will look at the four key investment-themes and how the investors might capitalize on them. Then the outlook for the global economy, stocks and interest rates will be discussed. Other investments, such as real estate, commodities and hedge funds will also be discussed. A closer look will be on one of Citi's model portfolios. Finally, there will be a briefly Q/A discussion on some personal finance issues the attendees might consider in the months ahead.




Joy started her career in the financial services industry in 1990 with then Shearson Lehman Brothers in New York.  Since then, she has broadened her knowledge and experience and global exposure by working as Senior Analyst at Smith Barney’s Consulting Group, Director of Research at Citicorp Investment Services both in New York and in London for Citigroup Global Consumer Bank Investments.


She specializes in customized asset management, including traditional and alternative investment strategies, for high net worth individuals and families as well as executives with large concentrated positions. Though working with high-net worth clients, Ms Wang has developed solid understanding for estate planning, charitable giving and trust structures. 


Her analytical background and over 23 years of experience in the industry paved the way for her to be one of the most experienced Financial Advisors in Citi Personal Wealth Management.


Before joining financial industry, Ms Wang worked as an account director for major US marketing and public affairs firm in Asia managing few major accounts for the firm, such as Royal Dutch Shell Hong Kong, Pepsi Co, IBM and General Electric, just to name a few.


Fluent in Mandarin, she brings valuable services to the offshore investors. She is a graduate of City University of New York with degree in Business Administration.


When Joy is not busy talking to her clients, money managers or economists, she enjoys spending her time reading listening music and working in her garden.  She lives in Union City and loves to party with her wonderful neighbors.


Instruction to Cypress Room, CIS Building, Stanford University


Enter Stanford university through Palm Drive toward the Oval Building, make right turn into Campus Drive (west), follow Campus drive through 4 stop signs, turn left at the 5th stop sign into Via Ortega, pass Serra (first intersection) then Via Pueblo, park in the parking lot at right side (Free parking on Weekend). Walk back passing Via Pueblo to Serra and turn right into Serra. The CIS building is at your right side on Serra. Walk to the short stone steps up. The Cypress room of the CIS building is at you right side. (At the intersection of "Campus Drive" and "Via Ortega"

Longitude: -122.174742, latitude: 37.429971)








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